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Longyu Group Celebrates The Successful Delivery Of All Ten Trains (18,500 Tons PET)

ZHENGZHOU, CHINA –(NEWS OFFICE) –Longyu Chemicals, a high-tech supplier of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and other chemicals, today celebrated the Successful Delivery of All Ten Trains (18,500 tons) and the grand opening of its new business in Henan. Founded in 1998, ONLY Fluorine Chemicals, former Zhengzhou Auxiliaries Chemical Plant. In 2015, Only Group bought a share of the most specialized PET factory in Mid-West China – a breakthrough that expanded the group’s chemical categories and business scale.

“This is an important achievement of the Group’s PET business and affirmation of our company’s determination of the Belt and Road policy and the market in Central Asian countries,” said Luis Zhang, Our Director, and chief executive officer of Longyu Group. “Building on this deep heritage of breakthrough ideas and 21 years of company success, Longyu Group continues to pave the way for modern chemicals advancements and set the bar for innovative solutions. Whether it’s positive trade service, advanced production technology, Customer application solutions, or robust inspection and analytics, our time has just begun, and we are committed to transforming the future of chemicals.”

China Ocean Shipping Group Company (COSCO) and China Railway Group Limited(CREC)

have made excellent support for this business process, and four important leaders from COSCO and CREC also participated in the ceremony and sent a congratulation. After consultations, the tripartite representatives decided to work more closely together in the future.

With the ten trains heading for Central Asia, the business of the Longyu Group will continue, and the branches made in China will grow around the world, allowing humans to grow up happily.

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